An electronic product catalogue for merchants, distributors and wholesalers

The groundbreaking catalogue, which is compatible with MAM’s Trader software, will deliver benefits to both merchants and their suppliers by improving the data that is accessible at point of sale.

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Please note: Tradercat is currently only available in the UK and Ireland

About Tradercat

Tradercat is a new electronic product catalogue designed for use by merchants, distributors and wholesalers. The catalogue enables sales staff to help their customers make more informed buying decisions, while speeding up transactions.

Users will be able to search, filter and compare products from individual brands. Price and stock information is immediately available and products can easily be added to a sale.

Suppliers to the catalogue can upload products, specifications and photographs so merchants always have access to the latest information.

Tradercat is compatible with MAM Trader, advanced business management software backed by a team of UK-based professionals, seven days a week. The innovative ERP application is available as a traditional on-premise or cloud-based solution.

Key features of Tradercat

User-friendly screen

Improved customer service

Live price and stock information*

Ecommerce features

Filter and narrow

Easily accessible

Search, filter
and compare products

Improved data

Speed up transactions

View product images

* when used in conjunction with Trader

Suggest suppliers

We are always looking to add new suppliers to Tradercat.

Tradercat fact sheet

Find out more about Tradercat, our electronic catalogue designed for merchants, distributors and wholesalers.

Compatible with Trader, the catalogue improves the information that is accessible at point of sale.