MAM Software’s business management solution will help Laker Building and Fencing Supplies Ltd. to improve its margins

MAM Software is pleased to report that Laker Building and Fencing Supplies Ltd. has chosen MAM Software’s Trader business management solution to help it run its core operational processes efficiently. Trader’s intelligent stock management capabilities will help Laker improve its margins through the recalculation of required stock levels, while its ledger accounting functionality will help the company to improve its credit control.

Based in West Sussex, Laker Building and Fencing Supplies Ltd offers a wide range of products to trade customers on a national scale. Specialising in a variety of fencing materials, the company also sells bricks, chemicals, insulation and a host of other building supplies. As a business with a broad product offering, Laker needed a management system that can assist with efficient stock management and streamline the process of updating vital financial documents.

Commenting on their recent investment, Kax Rajani and Ady Laker, Founders and Directors of Laker Building and Fencing Supplies Ltd. said :“We chose MAM Trader because we were very impressed with the demonstration of the system which showed us that it contained all the functionality and more that we need to optimise our business. Trader notifies us when stock order quantities could be altered to save us from over-stocking. Plus, all sales made automatically update the relevant ledgers which has significantly streamlined an often stressful task.”

By automatically tracking stock as it progresses from goods received to despatch, Trader ensures that businesses always have an accurate, up-to-date picture of current stock levels. A range of analysis tools offer additional functionality, such as recalculating minimum and maximum stock levels based on sales history and forecast demand.

The accounting functionality of Trader simplifies financial record-keeping and administration. Trader’s ledgers are fully integrated components of the system, automatically recording all transactions in the relevant accounts with no need for manual data entry. This feature helps to minimise data entry errors and allows staff to focus on more customer-driven tasks.

“We’re very pleased that Laker Building and Fencing Supplies Ltd. can identify with the benefits that Trader has to offer,” said Ben Whitehouse, Senior Sales Manager at MAM Software. “With dedicated functionality to help businesses of all sizes optimise stock flow, Laker can improve its profit margins and improve staff productivity. Overall, Trader provides Laker with a platform to run its business efficiently and help to improve business performance.”

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