Sky Blue Fixings

Sky Blue Fixings streamlines business operations with MAM Trader

Integrated management solution provides builder’s merchant with one point of contact for queries

Established in 1998, Sky Blue Fixings is a family owned builder’s merchant based in Coventry. The company’s extensive product range encompasses fixings and power tools to scaffold equipment and work wear, and they offer a next day delivery on all products in stock. “We pride ourselves on our customer service and consider our business a one stop shop for all construction needs,” said Nicki Gidda, Managing Director at Sky Blue Fixings.


Due to its extensive product range and different types of customers with varying needs, Sky Blue Fixings felt that it would benefit from a management system that could efficiently streamline all areas of its business.

Up until 2013, Sky Blue Fixings used a system that did not encompass all of its needs. “Our old system did its job well, but it only took care of the accounting side of our business,” said Nicki. “What we really needed was a complete system that would help us to manage our customer accounts, stock levels, purchasing tasks and invoicing.”

Following a recommendation from an existing MAM customer, Sky Blue Fixings contacted MAM Software to see what its Trader business management solution had to offer.


Sky Blue Fixings soon realised that Trader contained all the functionality and more that it would need to free up staff time in its increasingly busy work environment. “After the expert demonstration of Trader we received from MAM Software, it didn’t take us long to decide that this would be the system to help us take our company forward,” said Nicki.

She continued: “Trader’s excellent databases are easy to navigate and encompass previous orders, customer details and histories, sales and much more. We save an invaluable amount of time and paperwork with automatic invoicing, and we’re able to easily find special products and promotions without having to trawl through dozens of catalogues.

“Furthermore, the service we’ve been offered by MAM Software has been outstanding and the transition from our old system to Trader went smoothly.”


Integrated solution

Sky Blue Fixings was not just looking for a solution that would work alongside their existing management application, it wanted a brand new solution that could integrate all tasks associated with its busy work environment. “Trader takes care of all aspects of our business, whereas our previous system only took care of accounting. We were conscious that if we used more than one system we’d be creating new tasks for ourselves in terms of data transfer, which is the opposite of what we needed,” said Nicki.

Streamlined business operations

Sky Blue Fixings can now effortlessly extract customer histories and supplier records. Furthermore, thanks to Trader, the company has simplified and automated a heap of tasks that its previous system didn’t accommodate for. Nicki said: “Trader really is a complete management system that handles every area of our business including stock management, accounting, pricing and order processing.”

Trusted partner

“We wanted a developer that we could build a relationship with, not just one that would sell us an out-of-the-box product that would fail to cope with future demands. We were pleased with the fact that MAM Software had based Trader on a market-leading solution for the automotive aftermarket, but had re-modelled it to address the needs of our industry specifically. MAM Software has demonstrated its promise to the ongoing development of its products, so we know that Trader will adapt to the ever-changing industry,” said Nicki.

Comprehensive support

Sky Blue Fixings were delighted to hear that MAM Software’s support services are open seven days a week during extended business hours. Nicki said: “There’s always somebody on the other end of the phone when we have any queries and any issues are usually solved instantly and remotely. The staff at MAM demonstrate a high level of expertise and are always friendly and happy to help.”

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