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MAM Trader assists Buildit Gloster Ltd with rapid expansion

Builders’ merchant triples turnover in 4 years with the help of user-friendly software and a switch to cloud-hosting

Buildit Gloster Ltd opened the doors to its first branch in January 2010 to address the need for an independent builder’s merchant in its local area, Gloucester. With ambitious plans for large-scale growth, Buildit required a complete management system that would evolve with its business.

Buildit was set up in 2009 during the global financial crisis. The company sells building materials including kitchens, bathrooms and landscaping supplies to trade and DIY customers in Gloucester and the surrounding county. As a local and independent merchant, Buildit believes in reliability and value for money and prides itself in making business decisions to benefit its customers. “We strive to deliver a high level of customer service and competitiveness in what has been some tough years for the construction industry,” explained James Keyse, Buildit Director.

Buildit officially opened its first branch in January 2010. Right from the outset, the company required a management system that could not only get the business up and running quickly, but also cope with the demands of growth anticipated for the years to come. Mr Keyse said: “Looking back, we obviously were confident that we could make this a success but I think we have all been a little surprised by how quickly things have accelerated in four years.”

In 2009, Buildit started to investigate the software solutions that different providers had to offer, as Mr Keyse explained: “After viewing some options on operating systems available, we chose the Trader software from MAM Software Ltd.” Mr Keyse found that MAM Software’s Trader business management solution was the complete package Buildit was looking for. “When we first saw Trader, we felt that it was a product that certainly was not going to stand still and we really liked the idea of a system that was going to push boundaries with developing technology,” he said, and added: “Trader ticks all the boxes: selling, purchasing, stock, accounting, analysis and many more. Business critical processes – like stock taking – are much more manageable tasks with Trader.”

Buildit Gloster Ltd now operates from two locations following the opening of its south Gloucestershire branch in early 2012. This will be expanded in the near future to accommodate a 260sqm kitchen and bathroom showroom.

A fully integrated solution capable of handling the business operations of a multi-site company, Trader has ensured that information between Buildit’s branches is kept accurate and updated in real-time. “Trading from more than one location, information needs to be right up to date – be it stock, sales performance, sales history or business analysis,” stressed Mr Keyse.

During 2013, Buildit decided to support its growth by switching from the on-premise version of Trader to the cloud-hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) solution. “We decided that going down the hosted server route would give us greater options for expansion and certainly keep our IT costs efficient,” said Mr Keyse. Cloud-hosting also leaves Buildit safe in the knowledge that its data is securely stored and backed up allowing it to focus on day to day tasks and business growth.

Buildit has found that Trader’s user-friendliness has been a major advantage. With turnover increasing from £1.7million in its first year to £4.7million in its fourth, growth has posed a major challenge – making intuitive software a necessity. “We started with around seven staff in year one and now we have twenty six; obviously it can sometimes take time for new starters to settle into new processes etc., but it’s been very noticeable how quickly they all took to using Trader with its ease of use,” reflected Mr Keyse.

Buildit integrated the EMI+ business intelligence module earlier this year to prepare for continued growth. Mr Keyse explained: “Making small tweaks to our structure and set up is vital for us to maximise our opportunities and having a tool like EMI+ will be invaluable to us as we progress.” EMI+ is an application for the in-depth analysis of business performance. The customised graphs, tables and charts clearly and accurately present key performance data, which helps to identify trends and areas for improvement.

Mr Keyse continued: “Being able to utilise our data in such a specific way will definitely increase our profitability and we can’t wait to see the results as we move forward.” He added: “With a developing business, we consider performance information to be vitally important. Keeping up-to-date with our company enables us to make important business decisions as regularly as required. We have come a long way in a short time and we certainly won’t rest on our laurels. MAM Software has certainly helped us along the way and we can’t wait to evolve further and add to our success.”

Benefits Buildit has achieved using MAM Trader include:

  • Streamlined business operations with a feature-rich, complete management system
  • Secure, remote data backups with cloud-hosting
  • Simplified stock take process with intelligent stock management functionality
  • Increased sales by identifying trends with detailed and customisable reports
  • Instantly available and accurate stock levels between branches
  • The challenge of rapid growth eased with constantly evolving software
  • New starters quickly learn business processes with user-friendly platform
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